• RoadMap for Life

    Our RoadMap for Life programme can help you get the best Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan)

    Our Assessments start with a solution focused Person Centred Planning meeting with the young person and their family that focuses on four major life outcomes: education, learning and employment, independent living, health and building friendships and circles of support.
    We can tailor an assessment and support package to meet the individual needs of you and your family.

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  • Decipha Leadership Programme

    Leadership Project for 19 – 25 year olds with chronic and/or life-limiting conditions as part of the Council for Disabled Children’s Innovation and Sustainability Programme

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    Suported by the Council for Disabled Children some_text

  • Decipha Reading and Literacy

    Its time for you time travellers to get your passports and join the journey through great events in History. On the way you can learn all those tricky phonics you will need to read.

    Our unique online literacy intervention called 'Decipha Literacy' is based on evidence that children with reading problems often struggle with tasks that involve working memory and processing, but have relative strengths in knowledge and facts.
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    "The Decipha programme was perfect for us- clearly structured, easy to use, specially designed for pupils with DMD or dyslexia. It involves a lot of repeated practice of basic phonics, decoding and encoding, segmenting words into syllables etc. within this fabulous framework of historical time-travelling adventures!."
    Joanne O'Dolan, Specialist Teacher Mullaghroe National School Ireland

  • Dynamo Maths

    Decipha has teamed up with Jelly James Publishing to provide assessment, support and a programme that can help young people who have problems with Number and Maths.


    Dynamo Maths is a complete on-line intervention and remediation programme for learners with dyscalculia or for those who struggle with Maths. This excellent and proven programme offers comprehensive support and is built around indicators of dyscalculia and gives early warning signs of areas of needs. Quote DECIP22 to get a special discount for Dynamo Maths

  • Access Arrangements

    Expert assessment of young people needing access arrangements

    Decipha specialist assessors are qualified to conduct examination access arrangement assessments for individual pupils and will ensure that all assessments conducted by them are in accordance with the instructions and the qualification specifications issued by the awarding bodies including information on the updated regulations for 2013
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    RoadMap for Life

    Through person centred planning our Decipha Team can help to get the best Education, Health and Care Plan for you



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    Our Decipha Team can help to support young people with lagging social,communication and emotional skills



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    Decipha has teamed up with Dynamo maths to bring you this Maths and Numeracy programme for young people who don't seem to get numbers

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