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We are a non profit Community Interest Company (05469735) regulated by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. Decipha CIC has been set up to benefit young people and adults with neurological conditions who have special and additional needs. We give advice and support to their carers and family members. Decipha CIC reinvests any profits above working costs and salaries to support programmes for young people in the community.

We aim to ensure that young people with complex education and medical special needs, their families and carers will be better supported in the future. We will provide training and coaching to enable every young person and adult with complex needs to have a person centred plan that fully meets the aspirations of the family.

Through individual specialist learning, behaviour and IT assessments we will offer interventions that will improve young people’s literacy, maths and communication skills. We will provide resources, training and access to information that will support young people and their families through life changing transitions from childhood to adulthood.

Decipha has continued to support young people living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to develop personal Education Health and Care Plans. This included face to face meetings with young people and their parents and school staff to identify solutions. 20 families were contacted and young people were assessed with Decipha recommending interventions to develop lagging skills.

Nick Catlin and Janet Hoskin presented at the Action Duchenne Conference in November 2016 that delivered training to over 75 delegates. We were able to discuss feedback about our service to provide further support to the Duchenne Community. Of real value was the opportunity to develop understanding of the nature of learning and behaviour problems relating to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Decipha continued to develop its leadership programme for young adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The adults have been working with South Bank University facilitating self employed work in the games culture department.

Decipha offers an examinations arrangement service to schools and Nick Catlin has been trained as an Oral language Modifier.

Posted in General on Mar 29, 2017


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