Decipha Exam Arrangements

Exam or Access Arrangements are ‘reasonable adjustments’ made for students with disabilities to make sure they are not at a disadvantage when sitting exams. Access Arrangements can include a range of interventions for example, having someone to read examination questions to you, having a scribe to write down the answers, extra time or rest breaks. Decipha specialist assessors are qualified in individual assessment and so are able to assess students for Access Arrangements in any school, in accordance with the instructions and the qualification specifications issued by the awarding bodies including information on the updated JCQ regulations.

We can also offer students who require an Oral Language Modifier (OLM) assessment and support during exams.

Decipha Specialists provide training and assessment to relevant personnel ( Head of Centre/SENCO/Exam Officer) on  the responsibilities of centres during preparations for examinations/assessments and post-examination/assessment activities including the obligations arising from current data protection, equality and freedom of information legislation.

Decipha Specialists also provide training for Teaching and/or Support staff in how to carry out their roles in supporting agreed Access Arrangements such as being a scribe or a reader.